About Me!

EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival, April 2018

Hello there and welcome!

I’m so glad you have found Crushonthemagic.com. I created this site as a way to share my love of travel, travel planning, money saving and all things Disney vacations! If you love any or all the above, you are at the right place!

Growing up in a small farming community in the midwest, most of my “vacations” were spent visiting family in other towns or staying home to work the family farm.

My first taste of a Disney vacation was in 1994. It was a three-generation, one day visit to EPCOT. We did zero planning and the most I remember was going country to country, looking at exhibits and seeing Barbie signing autographs. I was 10 years old.

We had tagged the trip on to a larger RV trip with my grandparents and great-aunt. My grandparents had a small double wide vacation home about 45 minutes away from Orlando.

This was the one and only vacation I took to Disney until I got married in 2009. Shortly after our wedding, my husband and I took a small honeymoon to my in-laws vacation spot in South Florida. We decided on a whim to go to Magic Kingdom for one day. We were saving for a much bigger trip to Europe the upcoming year (which was AMAZING and so worth it).

We did zero planning. (It was a two hour drive, one-way. Which made our park day short. It was June. It was hot and overwhelming–yet we still had fun. Little did we know we would have had so much more fun if we had planned it out a little. E-Ticket Fast Passes were on the horizon but we had no idea how to use the pass system in place. Like I said, we did NO homework.

Skip ahead to 2019. As of August 2019, my family of 4 has been on 3 Disney vacations in 3 years. During the same time, I have take a few adult only trips during this same time period. Let’s just say, I’m hooked on the magic. I’m constantly reading, watching and learning about all the latest news and events across the various Disney because it’s become my passion.

Frozen Ever After performance Hollywood Studios, 2017

My goal is to explain these passions as part of Crushonthemagic.com journey while also bringing you content that can truly provide value to your trip planning process.

Maybe you aren’t even planning anything and you just want your Disney fix, that’s perfect! I love being able to share my experience and knowledge to help others. Planning events and trips is in my DNA and why not share this skill for the benefit of others!?

I hope to be able to also collaborate with others to bring you even more content. (Think Trip Reviews and MORE!) I look forward to hearing your stories, tips and tricks!

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About Crush on the Magic

I'm a Midwestern mom that embraces fun whenever possible! Crush on the Magic is focused on all things Disney and Universal Destinations. I'm here to provide insights for all Disney/Universal vacationers, from the theme park regular to the once-in-a-lifetime trip goer, this site is for you! Thinking of booking a trip? I am happy to provide my expertise at no additional charge. Contact me at Blair@WickedMouseTravel.com or complete my no obligation form at https://us18.list-manage.com/survey?u=b62311de7c042ab679f0a7199&id=0e36980940&attribution=false&fbclid=IwAR0dF1h9z_nYDe8o1YyioqcEFp1TksK-ugt5r3NeNdxn5Iodetb-hEB33Ys