Documenting your memories

Disney PhotoPass and Memory Maker

Nowadays, there are SO many ways to document daily life. We have often turn to our smart phones and tablets as our one stop shop for our productivity and are constantly creating and absorbing content from our smart devices.

During the vacation planning process, a typical debate is whether or not to bring a camera or whether your phone will be sufficient for documenting your adventure.

There are countless variables that go into determining what is going to best suit your needs. For example, if you plan to use your trip photos for your next holiday card, you probably want whatever device will yield the highest quality photos. Whereas if you plan to put together a photo book or collage of candid photos, your phone may be just fine. Maybe you prefer a balance of both.

When planning a Disney vacation you are probably asking yourself, what should I do to document my trip? What is Memory Maker? What is the difference between Photopass and Memory Maker? Do I need to spend $200??? All great questions! So, let’s dig in!

So what is Disney’s PhotoPass Service?

Disney Photopass is a photograghy service that is offered across Walt Disney World (also at Disneyland but note that pricing and structure is different) including parks, resorts and Disney Springs.

Photopass photographers are professional photographers who are available to take your photos at various (and there are SO MANY) locations throughout WDW. The My Disney Experience app is a go-to resource for locating Photopass photographers. There are photographers stationed throughout the parks, as well in in designated studios, at character meet and greets and even at certain character dining experiences.

Memory Maker is the Photopass product you would purchase if you were to select the option to obtain all the photos taken of you and your family from Photopass photographers during your trip. Currently, Memory Maker costs $169 +tax for purchases up to 72 hours prior to your trip or $199 + tax for purchases within and after 72 hr window.

Note: Often, Photopass photographers will take photos with your camera or phone if you if you kindly ask and wait your turn.

A screenshot from My Disney Experience of available PhotoPass opportunities at Magic Kingdom.

Benefits to Memory Maker:

  • Photos are automatically linked to your account and can be viewed during your trip and downloaded any time. Just have the photographer scan your magic band or ticket.
  • You will be eligible for special “magic shots” such as balloons, animations, etc., that are added to your photos. You also receive unique overlay photos and videos from certain attractions.
  • Currently in “the Hub” at Magic Kingdom and in the land of Batuu in Hollywood Studios, you can get unique aerial photos.
  • You can elect an archival DVD or USB of all your photos at the conclusion of your trip and Disney will mail to you. This saves you the time of downloading the files when you get home. I see this as a service to consider beneficial as the files are large and it can be very time consuming downloading all the files.
  • You do not have to constantly carry your phone or camera and be worrying about getting the perfect shot. No need to worry about carrying extra camera battery or your memory on you camera or phone becoming full. Disney Photopass photographers can be your primary memory keeper. Sure, you’ll want a few one your phone snapped here and there but you know you’ll be getting some great quality photos from the professionals.
  • You can split the cost! Traveling with parents, grandparents, siblings, etc? If you are linked on My Disney Experience you can link your photos so that anyone in your party can scan their Magic Band and have their photos added to the account.
With Memory Maker you can “fly”
through your vacation knowing you are getting high quality photos documenting your memories without all the stress of DYI.

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