Best practices for getting that Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

Star Wars:Rise of the Resistance
Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, (Located inside Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Orlando, Florida. Photo Credit: Blair Crush, Wicked Mouse Travel

Updated July 6, 2021

The hottest ride in the galaxy at this moment is Rise of the Resistance, located inside Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, Florida. (There is a second location inside Disneyland.) The attraction opened in winter 2019 and shortly after, COVID temporarily closed the parks. Prior to closures, Disney was already operating the attraction with a virtual queuing system. Upon, re-opening, they continued the virtual queue but have tweaked the system over the last several months.

The current process allows guests with a valid ticket to login to My Disney Experience at 7AM (EST) the morning of their valid ticket date. At that time, a guest, as well as any friends and family they are attending with who have a valid ticket, may attempt a request for what is called a “Boarding Group.”

The Boarding Group process designates a group number and a time slot for which guests will need to arrive at the entrance of the attraction in order to enter and ride. Boarding groups typically have a one hour window to check-in at the attraction and then join the short queue. If guests are unable obtain an initial group at 7:00AM (EST), guests may have a second opportunity to join a Boarding Group at 1PM.

MDE Screenshot
MyDisneyExperience app screenshot

There are no guarantees that a Boarding Group opportunity will be available everyday as it is based on the operation of the ride. The attraction is so technologically advanced that it does have a tendency to be down for maintenance frequently. With the popularity and uncertainty of Rise of the Resistance, it is possible to miss out on a Boarding Group.

Ride Vehicle – Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. Photo Credit: Blair Crush, Wicked Mouse Travel

How do you get that 7AM Boarding Group?

Over the last few months, park goers have learned a few tricks in trying to obtain those 7AM passes.

Here are a few lessons that may help you on your next trip!

  • You do not have to be inside Disney World Resort to be able to obtain the 7AM Boarding Group but you MUST have a valid ticket for the day in which you are trying to obtain your Boarding Group.
  • Have multiple guests (think kids laptop, friend/spouse phones, etc.) logged in at the same time on multiple devices. If you are traveling together, logging into the same account on multiple devices will not hurt your chances of obtaining a boarding group. If anything, this could help!
  • Approximately 30 minutes before 7AM (or 1PM), check your internet speed connection vs. your cell service. Find somewhere you have the quickest internet!
  • 5 minutes before Boarding Group release, be sure your time is accurate. Check your watches, devices with a world clock if necessary.
  • About 3-5 minutes before Boarding Group release, login to your My Disney Experience App and REFRESH, REFRESH, REFRESH.
  • Some even find closing all applications and anything that is running behind the scenes on your device helps with your speed of service, so consider having minimal applications running in the background.
  • Slightly before 7AM (or again, 1PM) you may be able to refresh and hit JOIN in the app. So watch the clock down to the seconds, and be fast!
  • When logged into My Disney Experience, scroll down the page as Boarding Group information is on the home screen of the device. No need to click around the app, it’s right on your homescreen once logged in.
  • The system will automatically pull your friends and family who have a valid park admission and reservation to Hollywood Studios, so the need to select everyone is no longer an issue (as of July 5th–hooray!).
  • At times the app may even time out and say to try again, but if you refresh, you may have snagged a group, so make sure you try on as many devices and refresh, refresh, refresh.
  • If you don’t get that 7AM, don’t fret, you can try again at 1PM while inside the park. Follow the steps above but especially make sure you are somewhere in the park with fast service!! That is truly what can help seal the deal while you’re in the park!
  • HAVE FUN! Regardless of whether you get into the attraction, there are plenty of amazing things to see inside Hollywood Studios!

*While Park Hopping is back, Park Hoppers who elect to choose to visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios in the afternoon are not eligible for the Virtual Queue. Park Hopping cannot be done until 2PM and guests must have scanned into their original park reservation.

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