Disney Cruise Line Sailing Updates

As of September 2, 2021, below are the new CDC requirements that are to be implemented for all Disney Cruise Line sailings. These requirements are effective until further notice. Please visit Disney Cruise Line’s website to be up to date on the most up-to-date details. Since many of these changes are very important, I felt the need to share them here. You can also contact me with any questions or request for quotes.

Revised CDC Requirements for All Sailings

Timing for Pre-Sail COVID-19 Testing:

  • The window in which Guests 11 years of age and under must take and submit proof of a negative COIVD-19 test result has been reduced. Instead of between 5 days and 24 hours prior to the sail date, tests must be taken and submitted between 3 days and 24 hours prior to the sail date.
  • The test should be a rapid PCR test or lab-based PCR test. Rapid antigen tests are not accepted.

Embarkation COVID-19 testing:

  • All Guests, regardless of age and vaccination status, are required to take a COVID-19 test administered by Inspire Diagnostics at the terminal before boarding.
  • Disney Cruise Line will cover the cost.

Beginning Sept. 3, 2021, all Guests 12 years of age and older, must be fully vaccinated to sail to any destination. Guests 11 years of age and younger are not required to be vaccinated but must provide proof of a negative pre-trip PCR COVID-19 test. The only exception is for Panama Canal sailings: all passengers must be vaccinated.

Safe Passage Website Update
In addition, Disney Cruise Line has an update on the Safe Passage Website:

  • Guests can register and create an account associated with their reservation starting at 15 days prior to their sailing instead of 33 days prior to their sailing.
  • This will shorten the time window in which Guests can register and request test kits.
  • When a sail ID changes or a Guest changes their itinerary, they will need to re-register the reservation with Safe Passage.
  • If a test kit was ordered previously, a new kit must also be requested, as each test kit is specific to that sailing. Reducing the number of days to create an account also lowers the risk of the wrong test kit being utilized.
  • This change also aligns with the Cruise Date Flexibility policy that allows Guests to change their sail date up to 15 days prior to embarkation. This is for bookings confirmed by July 31, 2021 and sailings before Dec. 31, 2021.
Save up to 25% on new bookings with Disney Cruise Line sailings from Port Canaveral. Contact me for more information.

Disney Wonder will resume sailing from California on October 1, 2021. These include California sailings, as well as the Panama Canal Sailing on Nov. 5, 2021. Galveston, Texas sailings will be announced at a later date. Please visit Disney Cruise Line’s website for complete up to date sailing information, or contact me.

Sailings are also available for booking through Fall/Winter 2022, including sailings on Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship, The Wish.

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